Monday, October 27, 2008

Why we are Here....Bloggin

Over the years, Stephanie and I have been in various church settings, denominations, non-denominational, traditional and charismatic.

In each of these we have seen one common thread...

Many believers have lost the zeal for their First Love. The honeymoon is over and the bride's dress has become wrinkled and dingy, waiting for the bridegroom, impatiently waiting at that.

I also believe that it is this lack luster life many believers fall into that causes the new converts to fall away so quickly as the trials and struggles of living the faith begins to steal their joy, they look around for help and the life boats are already full, everyone looking to the horizon for their blessed savior to come and rescue them.

We sincerely believe there is another way, a challenging, exciting and rewarding way to live the Christian life. A Spirit filled life of victory, found by stepping out of the safety of the boat and on to the water. The Lord bids you to come.

We desire to come along side you in obtaining this promise of the Lord.

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